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You're going to need more protection than that


Directed by Bridget Balodis

ANGRY SEXX premiered in 2014 at the Melbourne Fringe Festival and went on to win the Melbourne Festival Discovery Award and be nominated for two Green Room Awards including best independent writing.

ANGRY SEXX follows the story of two best friends; Cathy and Cybelle and three monkeys from the future as they navigate the perils of sex and gender in the modern age. 

"...A flash tour of raunch culture, Nicki Minaj-brand feminism, first-world feminism, slut shaming and feminine rage...It mocks the nay-saying ironies of generation X, the impulse to disengage, and instead proposes a furious affirmation.                  "

- Andrew Fuhrmanns, Crikey

"...the show is bold and dark, and poignantly blurs the line between truth and science fiction to make a lasting statement...the creative combination of dance, multimedia, pop culture, comedy and plenty of drama, make the performance one of the Fringe Festival’s hallmark shows: a proud display of independent art."

- Brendan Hitchens, The Music


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Images by Sarah Walker 

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