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We Get It


Co-written with Marcel Dorney

Directed by Emily Tomlins and Marcel Dorney

We Get It, an Elbow Room production, premiered in 2015 at the Melbourne Theatre Company as part of NEON Festival. It then toured to The Powerhouse in Brisbane in 2016. 

The great heroines of Western drama clash in a mighty battle royale, turning gender anxiety on its head in a witty and playful evening that promises to ask only one serious question: can we even imagine a world without sexism?

"We Get It is a passionate, smart and surprisingly raw attack on a society in which inequalities of sex, race and class structure almost every aspect of our lives… Its invitation is that we cease our own enabling collusions. It’s political theatre at its best."
Alison Croggon, ABC 

More info here

Images by Sarah walker


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