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Rachel is an emerging screenwriter with a passion for comedy and speculative fiction TV and queer storytelling. Rachel works as a note-taker as well as developing several exciting new projects of their own in collaboration with other writers. Some of their work in development includes:

Unicorn Hunters

Rachel is the show creator of Unicorn Hunters, a comedy-thriller about threesomes and queer dating. The web-series format of Unicorn Hunters was developed by Screen Australia and SBS via Digital Originals 2021, and produced by Tessa Mansfield-Hung. You can find the Screen Australia announcement here. Rachel is currently adapting the Unicorn Hunters concept to a half-hour format.

Next Big Thing

Next Big Thing is a half-hour workplace comedy about the perils of imposter syndrome created by Michele Lee and story produced by Kelly Lefever. Rachel is a co-writer alongside Michele.  The show is being developed with support from Screen Australia. You can read a bit more about it here.

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